Typesetter - 7 Cassettes


#7 is a release featuring previously unreleased recordings from the 'Nothing Blues' sessions as well as some live recordings.
released July 3, 2020

Tracks 1-5:
Recorded by Jeff Dean & Marc Bannes at Million Yen
Mixed by Marc Bannes

Track 6 & 7:
Recorded live at Double Door, Chicago, IL.

Track 8 & 9:
Today's Empires, Tomorrows Ashes is originally written by Propagandhi, the best Canadian rock band of all time. Covered by Marc and Kyle at Booze Cruise Festival on a literal boat. The following track, 'Turns You Blue' is a new Typesetter song. Live recording on the boat by Henning Dittmer.

All tracks mastered by Scotty Sandwich at The Sandwich Shoppe, Durham, NC

All tracks* performed by:
Alex Palermo: bass and vocals
Kyle McDonald: guitar and vocals
Marc Bannes: guitar and vocals
Matt Gonzalez: drums and percussion
Sarah Bogosh: keys, percussion, vocals and brass
* 8 & 9 Kyle and Marc only

Original 'Nothing Blues' artwork by Lauren Denitzio.
Artwork "Aged" by Marc Bannes